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Open Flame in Closed Spaces

A chance to perform safely and responsibly.

Open Flame in Closed Spaces

Workshops and events that incorporate fire arts are administered by licensed open flame performing artists and supervised by professionals trained in fire safety.

Educational resources at these functions are provided by this dedicated fire arts initiative, designed to bridge the gap between market demand and performing artists through fire education and advocacy. 

SpinCo's hope is that through wide-spread free fire arts education, jobs will flourish for fire arts performers who are trained in fire safety and regularly practicing these techniques who live and work in Philly. It is through resources specifically designed to educate facility managers and property owners about indoor performance fire acts, that we can facilitate social change that embraces these unique arts as a way of life, healing, and beauty. 

5 Step Guide (in progress)

SpinCo is currently working to help guide event organizers by the creation and development of a simple 5 step manual about permits, regulations, and safety guidelines, approved and supported by The Philadelphia Fire Department and its affiliates.

As this is a community effort, members are encouraged to tag #hirefire when posting fire performances practicing proper fire safety on social media. 

Please check back soon for updates as this program continues to develop. 

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SpinCo works with a variety of vendors, venues, promoters, and like-minded business owners to help facilitate and execute events. Fill out our Volunteer Form if you would like to help!

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Teach a Workshop

We are accepting instructor applications for Spring 2017 workshops; seeking hoop, poi, staff, fan, fire spinners, and all other flow artists to teach students in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

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