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Looking to teach students in the Greater Philadelphia Area? Applications for the 2018/2019 season are now open! Applications are open to all, weather you are a local first-time teacher or an international professional performer. We are seeking skilled and enthusiastic instructors for flow arts and prop manipulation workshops, including (but not limited to) hoop, poi, staff, fan, and juggling.

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The SpinCo Team is comprised of 15 volunteers all sharing the common goal to promote movement arts by connecting talented artists from all over the world with the local community. We help instructors have successful workshops by supporting them in every stage of the process. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the board and selected based on schedule, personal practice, teaching experience and marketing needs. We will then discuss expectations and monetary goals with each instructor so the experience is positive for everyone involved. After your workshop is selected, we will find a venue, set up ticketing, create and distribute promotional content, and coordinate additional accommodations needed to make sure you and the students get the most out of the experience.

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What To Expect


When a workshop is given at least 4 weeks for promotion, SpinCo sees an average of 7 students per workshop. In our history of over 150 events, more than 10 workshops have reached capacity (15- 25 students depending on venue and prop taught) and only 3 workshops resulted in 0 students. SpinCo has developed milestone indicators that allow SpinCo to forecast student numbers and adjust in real-time if a particular class needs extra promotion in order to reach the instructor's financial goal.

For more information on how to gauge workshop attendance, please read the article How to forecast student numbers for your upcoming workshop.


Accommodations can include housing during your visit, travel to the venue, parking, snacks, class materials, printed handouts, photo/video, student feedback, recap video production and distribution, and a professionally produced highlight reel.

Limited props are provided by SpinCo for student use during class. Local prop vendors are invited to sell the specific props being taught. To accommodate advance order deadlines, a Prop Package option will be added directly to the workshop's online registration portal with a clear order by date.


SpinCo will edit, design, and create promotional content such as event description, flyers, and graphics and distribute in the following ways:


SpinCo does not own a single location, but we work with a variety of venue partners in Philadelphia. Based on preferred date and proposed curriculum, SpinCo will determine the most appropriate venue for the workshop. Sunday is the most well-attended day of the week, which also happens to be the most flexible for scheduling. We have negotiated with our venue partners and are proud to extend low-cost rental rates to hosted instructors- generally $20.00/hr.


SpinCo kindly requests 18% from gross profits to directly support the Guest Workshop program. These funds are used to pay upkeep fees for our website and ticketing, purchase loaner props for students, and to help fund SpinCo Together, or program for working with children and adults with emotional and intellectual disabilities. This fee averages $35 and will not exceed $120.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please tell us about yourself in the application below.

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