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SpinCo is accepting instructor applications for Spring 2017 workshops! Seeking hoop, poi, staff, fan, and various movement art instructors to teach students in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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As the only flow arts organization of it’s kind in Philadelphia, it is SpinCo’s duty to engage high quality teachers, production, and most importantly, leadership. The SpinCo Team is comprised of 15 volunteers all sharing the common goal to promote movement arts awareness and culture by connecting talented artists from all over the world with the local community.

SpinCo supports their teachers wherever they go, especially in the summer months when workshops take a hiatus. SpinCo partners with gatherings and festivals that hire their instructors while promoting their role as it pertains to the overall event.

What instructors have been hosted by SpinCo?

What To Expect

Not all applications will result in a scheduled workshop, but we certainly do our best. Apps will be reviewed and selected by the board based on schedule, personal practice, teaching experience, and marketing needs.

Who are the SpinCo Board Members?

SpinCo Average Attendance, 2017

SpinCo Average Attendance, 2017

SpinCo guarantees a high ROI for instructors with at least 6 weeks of promotion. It is important to discuss reasonable expectations and monetary goals so the experience is positive and successful for everyone. Accommodations can include travel to the venue, parking, snacks, class materials, printed handouts, vendors, and video/ photography.


SpinCo has a network of over 6,000 hobbyists, performers, trendsetters, and supporters who share the desire for greater self-awareness and the opportunity to learn. Local vendors supply the props needed during instruction and an outlet for students to purchase on-site. 

The Philadelphia Spin Coalition will edit, design, and create promotional content such as event description, flyers, and graphics and distribute in the following ways:


SpinCo does not own a single location, yet partners with like-minded venues, studios, and spaces located within the Greater Philadelphia Area who are supportive of their mission. SpinCo facilitates a promotional partnership with 16 venues. SpinCo carefully identifies and helps each venue reach it's business goal, throughout the year, in a way that is also beneficial for SpinCo Members. Working with the direction of the instructor(s), SpinCo will determine the most appropriate venue based on schedule and workshop curriculum. Sunday is the most well-attended day of the week, which also happens to be the most flexible for scheduling.

Where can I expect my workshop to be booked?


SpinCo is a community partner and tax exempt PA registered nonprofit organization. SpinCo works hard to negotiate special discounted rates and holds these agreements with all venues listed as a partner. Rental rates are passed to instructors who teach under SpinCo- generally $17.50 per hour or 20% of gross profits for events with low entry costs.


SpinCo kindly requests 20% from gross profits. All online ticket registration fees are deducted from this 20%, incurred from Artful.ly, a professional and secure ticket service built by Fractured Atlas. SpinCo has developed milestone indicators from over 150 events in SpinCo's lifetime. These indicators allow SpinCo to forecast student numbers and adjust in real-time, if a particular class needs extra promotion to reach the attendance goal. SpinCo has found online ticket sales are the easiest way to collect payment while providing a base guarantee to the instructors who travel.

Announcement Timeline

  • Apps submitted by July 15th will be announced August 2017.
  • Apps submitted by August 30th will be announced September 2017.
  • Apps submitted after September 1st will be reviewed and scheduled on a rolling basis.
  • Apps close March 31, 2017 for the 2016/2017 workshop season; workshops on hiatus during summer months.
  • Apps open for 2017/2018 workshop season July 2017.

Now that all those boring details are out of the way, please tell us about yourself in the application below!

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