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Instructor applications for SpinCo's Street Circus Guest Workshop Series are closed for the 2016/2017 season. 

Please consider taking a workshop, if you haven't already, to familiarize yourself with how we structure classes hosted within this program (September through May annually). 

Applications for the 2017/2018 will open July 2017 to teach students in the Greater Philadelphia Area. SpinCo seeks a mix of local first-time teachers and internationally-based professional performers that are highly skilled in any dance style with a prop, including but not limited, hoop, poi, staff, fan, and juggling.

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As the only flow arts organization of its kind in Philadelphia, it is SpinCo’s duty to engage high-quality teachers, production, and most importantly, leadership. The SpinCo Team is comprised of 15 volunteers all sharing the common goal to promote movement arts awareness and culture by connecting talented artists from all over the world with the local community.

SpinCo supports their teachers wherever they go, especially in the summer months when workshops take a hiatus. SpinCo partners with gatherings and festivals that hire their instructors while promoting their role as it pertains to the overall event.

What instructors have been hosted by SpinCo?

What To Expect

Not all applications will result in a scheduled workshop, but we certainly do our best. Apps will be reviewed and selected by the board based on schedule, personal practice, teaching experience, and marketing needs. The designated SpinCo Organizer who volunteers to handle the proposed workshop will discuss reasonable expectations and monetary goals with each instructor so the experience is positive and successful for everyone involved.

SpinCo has developed milestone indicators that allow SpinCo to forecast student numbers and adjust in real-time if a particular class needs extra promotion in order to reach the instructor's financial goal. SpinCo has even adjusted the proposed administrative donation to meet these goals in benefit of the instructors. 

Who are the SpinCo Board Members?


SpinCo sees an average of 7 paid students for workshops with at least 6 weeks of promotion. Over 10 workshops have reached capacity (15- 25 students depending on venue and prop taught) and less than 3 workshops resulted in 0 students over a total of 150 events. 

For more information on how to gauge workshop attendance, please read the SpinTalk Blog article, " How to forecast student numbers for your upcoming workshop."

SpinCo Average Attendance, 2017

SpinCo Average Attendance, 2017

Accommodations can include travel to the venue, parking, snacks, class materials, printed handouts, prop purchases, video/ photography, student feedback, recap video production and distribution, and a professionally produced highlight reel shared across SpinCo's network. New for 2017, instructors are each gifted an individual SpinCo Toolkit that includes educational resources, classroom recommendations, and a customized Social Media Posting Strategy Chart.

SpinCo's direct member base is comprised of over 1,000 hobbyists, performers, trendsetters, and supporters who share the desire for greater self-awareness and the opportunity to learn. Students live up to 3 hours from Philadelphia (maximum travel time). Limited props are provided by SpinCo for student use during class since students that do not own props are more inclined to attend given the option to borrow. Local prop vendors are invited to sell the specific props being taught. If the instructor is sponsored by a specific company, SpinCo invites the preferred vendor to sell to SpinCo students and will handle all purchases if a wholesale agreement is made. To accommodate advance order deadlines, a Prop Package option will be added directly to the workshop's online registration portal with a clear order by date. 

The Philadelphia Spin Coalition will edit, design, and create promotional content such as event description, flyers, and graphics and distribute in the following ways:


SpinCo does not own a single location. SpinCo is a community partner and tax-exempt PA registered nonprofit organization that partners with like-minded venues, studios, and spaces located within the Greater Philadelphia Area who are supportive of SpinCo's community and goals. Over the course of 5 years, SpinCo has successfully facilitated a promotional agreement with 18 venues. Based on preferred date and proposed curriculum, SpinCo will determine the most appropriate venue. Sunday is the most well-attended day of the week, which also happens to be the most flexible for scheduling.

SpinCo is proud to extend low-cost rental rates to hosted instructors- generally $17.50 /hr or 20% of gross profits for events with low entry costs. The only reason SpinCo is able to operate in such a way, is due to SpinCo's strong relationships with each venue owner. SpinCo works hard to carefully identify business goals and helps each venue partner reach these goals, throughout the year, in a way that is also beneficial for SpinCo Members. 

Where can I expect my workshop to be booked?


SpinCo kindly requests 20% from gross profits in the form of a donation to directly support the Street Circus Guest Workshop program. SpinCo has found online sales to be the easiest way to collect payment while providing a base guarantee to instructors who travel. Therefore, all processing fees are deducted from this 20%, incurred from Artful.ly, a professional and secure ticket service administered by Fractured Atlas. 

Announcement Timeline

  • Apps submitted by July 15th will be announced August 2017.
  • Apps submitted by August 30th will be announced September 2017.
  • Apps submitted after September 1st will be reviewed and scheduled on a rolling basis.
  • Apps close March 31, 2017 for the 2016/2017 workshop season; workshops on hiatus during summer months.
  • Apps open for 2017/2018 workshop season July 2017.

Now, please tell us about yourself in the application below!

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