Looking at our Flow Arts Community: SpinCo Survey “The Impact of the Flow Arts”

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Back in December, SpinCo decided to survey the local flow arts community to see who was attending workshops and what types of learning people most desired.

Most of the responses came from SpinCo email subscribers and social media< members, as well as members of other Flow Arts social media groups. Flowtoys also helped us in promoting the survey across their west coast channels. As a result, we received 199 responses! This gave us a good baseline to understand who the students of the movement arts world are, and what they want.


These responses shed light on some questions we (and other people working in this community) had, including:

I. Differences among age groups II. Most desired types of workshops III. The props that people really want to pay to learn about IV. How to reach out to students and get them involved V. Reasons people aren’t coming to workshops or events

To view all of our survey questions, please click here 

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