Crafting Hoops with the Philly HoopStarz

Hooping Making With Hoop Starz 2017

Not many people can say they have made 210 hula hoops in just 2 days, but now some of the SpinCo board and community members can have that claim to fame!

On March 6th and 10th- SpinCo joined Jennifer Alvarez and her Philly Philly HoopStarz in making hula hoops for the Philly HoopStarz ‘Glitter and Glow Show.’ 150+ hoops will be given away to children who attend the March 29th, 2017 event. 

Philly HoopStarz is a program of the non-profit organization- Creative Kids Club. Philly HoopStarz works with children throughout the Philadelphia area to provide a network of support, outlet for creativity, and education on living a healthy life. 

SpinCo is so excited to continue the partnership with the Philly HoopStarz on the day of the ‘Glitter and Glow Show.” All ages are welcome!

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 2017; 3:30-8pm

Location: B-Side Complex 939 N. Delaware Avenue, 19123

Cost: $7; Free for children 17 & under

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