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SPinCo "Flow Curious" T-Shirts!

Flow Shirts

Look good gettin' your flow on in our new "Flow Curious? / Multi-prop-tional" t-shirts.

Available in sizes S, M, L.

Purchase this shirt for $25 at any of our events and workshops.

SpinSacs (Sold Out)

Spinco Spinsacs

Put your hoopwork in your SpinSac, put together by the hoopers at SPinCo!

Backpack, or a purse, no worries when trying to bike with your hoops. The perfect size for under your seat or the overhead bin when traveling. Carry up to 5 minis or collapsed hoops... any size! Stretchable, washable, pretty awesome.

Grab your SpinSac today for $25 at any of our regular classes.

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