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The Philadelphia Spin Coalition

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The Philadelphia Spin Coalition

Our Mission

The Philadelphia Spin Coalition (SpinCo) is an nonprofit organization that celebrates the growing movement arts culture in the Greater Philadelphia Area. SpinCo facilitates affordable and accessible community gatherings and educational experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. A team of 15 volunteers help spread the voice of over 7,000+ hobbyists, performers, trendsetters, and supporters through events, emails, social media, websites, and community participation, with a shared vision to enhance Greater Philadelphia's social environment, individual well-being, and general economic health.

This community blends play, creativity, and exercise with Hula Hoop Dance, Contact/Martial Art Bo Staff, Poi, Juggling, Aerial Acrobatics, Fan Dancing, Fire Performance and more, all while using a variety of props that inspire movement and social interaction. We host professional movement artists from all over the world and provide them a marketing incubator and a professional space to teach among 18 partnering venues. These established venues provide SpinCo a low-cost or free rental in exchange for a true partnership.

The Philadelphia Spin Coalition is a PA registered tax-exempt nonprofit.

In partnership with established and up-and-coming venues, SpinCo programs 2-3 events a month:

  • Guest Workshops: Learn how easy it is to have fun with a prop taught by local and international performing artists. Season runs annually September through April, held among 14 partnering venues in the tri-state.
  • Pop Up & Spin Philly! Always the 1st Sunday of Every Month. SpinCo will never ask more than $5 public entry to participate in open spins+gyms at various locations in PA, NJ, and DE.
  • SpinCo Together: An Interactive volunteer-run performance project for adults and children who experience mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Directed by a licensed social worker, volunteers will work with existing non-profit agencies in Greater Philadelphia that must prioritize all funding for operations in order to exist.
  • Open Flame in Closed Spaces: Resources to help bridge the gap between market demand and performing artists through fire education and advocacy. If performers tag #hirefire when making online posts practicing proper fire safety, the content will soon rank higher in searches.
  • Community Forums: Participate daily or tune into weekly open discussions that address important issues the local movement arts community faces. Topics include, but not limited to, social impact, safety, health, and changes in law that directly affect the lives of SpinCo's community.

To our friends, we are known as SpinCo. Here's why: 

We celebrate movement in spectacular ways! 

SpinCo was created by performing artists who were frustrated with the lack of available space to learn and practice. Starting in a public warehouse space in South Philadelphia (the main reason why sometimes the "SP" in "SPin" is capitalized), SpinCo now offers classes, spin jams, and workshops across the city and surrounding regions at partnering locations.

We invite local up-and-coming artists up to internationally performing talent to teach kids, teens, and adults who live near or in Philly. We make strong effort in inform and remind our community of these opportunities, as many are a one time deal! When booked, we consult the instructor on advertising and promotion while providing administrative needs to ensure a positive experience for all.

We believe that:

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to try and learn movement arts and are provided the best resources to make it a practice, profession, or hobby.
  • Philly has talented performers and in order for them to stay in Philly, there must be opportunity for work.
  • In order for highly skilled performing artists to continually be drawn to teach in Philly, they must be well-compensated and provided a professional booking experience.

How does SpinCo work to ensure that happens?

  • 15 volunteers who are experts in research, writing, graphic design, promotion, teaching, healthcare, performing, advertising, finance, law, and business administration that ALL personally dedicate their life to the arts.
  • 18 venue and studio partners who open their space in support and severely discount rental rates for our community and touring instructors.
  • 11 prop makers and technology connoisseurs who constantly evolve to provide the best tools for performing arts and event production.

What can I expect from events and workshops presented by SpinCo?

SpinCo values accessibility and affordability when it comes to educational opportunities and events. We believe the entire community should be exposed to this art form, and try to create experiences in various neighborhoods and at different price ranges to meet the needs of every type of participant.

SpinCo is for everyone.

SpinCo in Action!

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SpinCo works with a variety of vendors, venues, promoters, and like-minded business owners to help facilitate and execute events. Fill out our Volunteer Form if you would like to help!

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We are accepting instructor applications for Spring 2017 workshops; seeking hoop, poi, staff, fan, fire spinners, and all other flow artists to teach students in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

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