2017-18 Workshop Season + NEW Leadership Team Announced

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Dear Community,

It's that time of year when the weather begins to turn. Fear not! We have plenty of indoor options, the very reason why SpinCo became a thing! We have spent more time on outreach this summer than we ever have before and collected an amazing amount of feedback from our participants. We are proud to say that we refined our programming to seek out the instructors you want most while continuing the $5 open skill shares every month for nearly 6 years!

Not only that, but with great honor, we welcome a new leadership team to The Philadelphia Spin Coalition. Since these volunteers are elected by our community, for our community, we wish to be fully transparent in how they are elected and communicate each individual's invested time dedicated to the sustainability and growth of movement arts in Philadelphia.

2017-18 Workshop Season Preview
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These are your community leaders within the fastest growing artistic movement in Philly.

SpinCo wants to help everyone find their passion as a volunteer by supporting the people who make up the movement arts culture of Philadelphia. Together, we encourage community growth and strengthen existing relationships through on-site presence at gatherings, performances, festivals, and other flow-arts related events within 3 hours of Philadelphia.

A chance to inspire the lives of many.

These volunteers have been invited to represent SpinCo because the community believes their personal brand is who and what SpinCo is all about. They help make decisions and collaboratively work on activities that are in line with the goals of the organization (reviewed annually). Community Service is the very core of SpinCo. It's a practice.

Being a SpinCo volunteer means being up-to-date, relevant, and realistic about happenings within the movement arts culture of Philadelphia. SpinCo believes that perpetual participation in movement arts, circus, dance and flow arts builds the judgement required to make decisions in the best interest of community. Participation also builds the respect needed to effectively communicate to our community and all those who support the amazing benefits of movement arts practice with a prop.

SpinCo Leadership Elections took place September 24, 2017

Board of Directors:

  • Kelsey Lee - President of the Board, Acting Executive Director, Director of Partnerships
  • Becca Johnson - Vice President of the Board, Director of Community Engagement
  • Lauren Magness - Vice President of the Board, Director of SpinCo Together
  • Peter McCall - Secretary of the Board, Director of Business Administration
  • Rachel Kieser - Treasurer of the Board, Director of Finance
  • Hannah Pinkos - Director of Project Management
  • Michael Krueger - Director of Fire Arts Education & Advocacy
  • Jo Ryn - Director of Volunteer Coordination

Street Team:

  • Reese Crawley - Social Engagement Manager
  • Brie Mealey
  • Gina Giles
  • Ken Haines
  • Krystal Carosiello
  • Lexi Cummins
  • Stefanie Cordoue

Build Team:

  • Kai Menet - Creative Director
  • Kelsey Lee
  • Brie Mealey
  • Reese Crawley
  • Jeremiah Damico

Community Advisors:

  • Lorenda Knisel - Mid-Atlantic Bellydancers

Election Guidelines

Responsibilities are by public election for a 8 month term, ending May 2018. All candidates must be at the meeting in person or submit video stating why you want to be a part of SPinCo and how you will be an asset in helping the team reach annual goals.

Voting Process: Each board member submits their handwritten vote for each position. 1 team member is designated to tally votes and announce all elected positions.

General Responsibilities of SpinCo Volunteers

  • Weekly office hours: Conference call every Monday evening at 8pm
  • Take turns volunteering for set-up, check-in, and tear down at classes, workshops and events
  • Represent SpinCo with positivity and encouragement
  • Attend all quarterly in-person meetings and actively contribute to the knowledge base
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities and communicate to your primary GroupMe chat group
  • Take turns hosting the quarterly in-person board meetings (at home)
  • Attend the annual SpinCo Team Retreat
  • Share all events on Facebook (or repost on Instagram); invite friends to attend
  • Check Trello daily and respond to all staff emails in a timely manner

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