Looking at our Flow Arts Community: Age Groups


If you have been thinking that younger people straight out of college are going to be best at bringing more attention to the flow arts world by engaging the community, think again.  Our survey revealed that the role of the young person is important in rapidly gaining new spinners and introducing them to the scene, but it is individuals in their 30s who want to be more actively involved in the community in general. Have a project or event in mind? Try reaching out to the more seasoned spinners in your area.  

SpinCo understands the importance of having a Street Team  to help reach out to newer people. 

Even though the younger crowd may seem more social, our survey found that lack of people to go with was a huge deterrent for those aged 18-24 (see chart below):

Think about how you can encourage current students to act as stewards for your cause, and reach out to peers.  You may have more interest in your workshop than you think! Since its inception in 2012, SpinCo has grown from a 2 person team to a 12 person team.  As we have widened our network, we have experienced huge surges in class attendance.  Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to feel connected to your class or workshop.  

So What Can I Do?

Try to really utilize your Facebook event page or email list to talk to your students, don’t just use it to promote. When students come to your workshop, ask them how they found out, and how they are involved in the community.  If they are new, make an active effort to make them feel welcome – maybe tell them about the next spin-friendly event or what parks they can find fellow spinners.  Connecting with them on social media is also a great idea!

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